Goals of the Foundation

The Children’s Eye Cancer Foundation has the following objectives:

1. Information campaigns among paediatricians and the population in order to contribute to an early diagnosis of the tumor and thus improve the chances of curing children. The ultimate goal is the integration into the regular preventive medical examination of small children (in Germany: yellow examination booklet).

“Correct diagnosis without delay is imperative as retinoblastoma puts a child’s vision, and indeed life, in danger (Goddard et al 1999; Wallach et al 2006). Early treatment is and will remain the best possible treatment for this highly malignant tumor.” (Balmer et al. Clinical Ophthamology 2007, 438).

2. To help children suffering from retinoblastoma, to assist families by providing advice and information, especially regarding medically relevant behaviour after finishing treatment.

3. Scientific Research Projects

The research of mechanisms and possible therapeutics in relation to retinoblastoma is not only beneficial for retinoblastoma children but has also great potential to serve as a basis for all cancer diseases.

“When the final history of cancer research is one day written, retinoblastoma will deserve its own chapter. Studies of this rare childhood tumor have yielded the first widely accepted tumor progression model, the first cloned tumor suppressor gene, and several other firsts in basic cancer research.” (From the Journal of National Cancer Institute, Vol. 96, No. 15, August 4, 2004)

Purpose of scientific research projects:

a) To develop biological markers (recognition molecules) which allow early recognition of tumor growth by means of a blood test.

b) To test new therapy approaches in an animal model on a retinoblastoma cell line already developed in co-operation with Tübingen University.

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