The Foundation

The Kinderaugenkrebsstiftung was founded in November 2009 by Monika and Gregor König , to improve early diagnosis of the disease, help affected children and their parents und to support scientific research on this disease.

From their own experience the founders knew that the disease can easily be overseen in lack of knowledge of its obvious symptoms (on flashlight photographs you can see a wight spot in one eye which is a strong indicator of the disease) In addition too little information was available for parents and research on molecular biologic therapies in this disease was minor.  This situation was the starting point and motiviation for the founders. In all 3 fields the foundation has already made its first progress in the first year of its existence.

In the course of their daughter’s treatment they gathered much information, built up an extensive network and donated our daughter’s cancer cells for a research project that is intended to identify a retinoblastoma marker (as already known for other cancer diseases) to the benefit of all affected children.

All this was the basis for the foundation. We want to inform about retinoblastoma and we want to improve prevention, we want to help families whose children are affected with retinoblastoma, and we want to identify a tumor marker by doing scientific research.

Board of trustees: Monika König, Beatrice Freifrau Knigge, Dr. Sebastian Reschke, Georg Krull.

Board of directors of the Childrens’ Eye Cancer Foundation Germany:

Gregor König - patent lawyer and biologist

Dr. Greta Wilm - doctor

Verena Egbringhoff - journalist

Stefanie Busch - tax counsellor

Peter Hennig - Childrens' Cancer Foundation Bonn Germany


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