Datum: 01.11.2011 | Kategorie(n): Leading Spirits

I am 49 years old. I was 2 years old, when my aunt discovered that there white mist on the right eye. My mum let me examine from my eye doctor. I was diagnosed with a retinoblastoma. I was operated quite fast and I’ve worn a prosthetic eye ever since.

I grew up like every other child. Since I’m used to seeing with one eye, it feels completely normal to me. I have danced rhythmic gymnastics, liked to go swimming in the sea, have exercised aqua aerobic for many years and now exercise yoga.

I studied and am a gerontological therapist. Next to mainly working with people, I work a lot on the computer, which is no problem. Other than that I am in a happy relationship for quite some years now.

The only thing that I would have liked to be different would have been an opportunity to be in touch with other people concerned with retinoblastoma instead of placing the issues under a taboo out of false considerations. I would have liked more space and company for my sadness, especially in puberty. Only when I turned 20 I found a way to process those issues. Today, I feel better about it and I am open to talk about it (with parents or other people concerned). I believe that if parents feel ok with these topic, the children are better supported! That’s why I am glad about the KAKS, which offers a platform of exchange for people concerned and their parents. Just like the other leading spirits, I want to take away parents’ and children’s’ fears of the future.

I was once told a very uplifting saying: “The soul of a violin is not destroyed because one of its strings is broken. A string can be replaced. Even if its sound changes a bit, the music stays the same. “. I still keep this sentence in my heart until this very day.

01.11.2011 | Leading Spirits