Datum: 01.01.2013 | Kategorie(n): Leading Spirits

Hans is 31 years old. He lost one eye in the age of 1,5 years due to a bilateral retinoblastoma.

„My life motto: …

What I wanted to become: First Biologist, then doctor

What I am now: …, doctor, quite happy with my life

My hobbies: diving, driving my motorbike, wizardry, terriaristic, music, movies and so many different things, simply trying it out…

My strengths: I am self-confident, ambitious, enthusiastic, and open-minded

My weaknesses: Wanting everything at once, impatience from time to time

What I want to tell other people: If you want something, just do it. Don’t let them tell you: You can’t do it. Whenever you hear someone say hat, do it even more and show that you can indeed!“

01.01.2013 | Leading Spirits