RB Meetings

We organize annual RB meetings with workshops and a huge kids’ party.

Participants are young and adult RB patients and their families, doctors, psychologists, teachers, coaches, grandparents, siblings, experts and Elli.

Everyone is invited to come. The RB Meetings in 2013 and 2014 were a wonderful experience: Not only did people come from Germany, also from Austria, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands: with lots of enthusiasm, energy and intense discussion, the children right at the centre of things but with lots of room for the parents too. It involved a great effort from doctors and coaches, with workshops making everyone feel proud of themselves, wonderful conversations and lasting friendships.

If you would like to participate you are cordially invited. Please send an email with names and birthdates to the following email address info@kinderaugenkrebsstiftung.de

RB Meeting 2016

RB Meeting 2015

RB Meeting 2014

RB Meeting 2013