Our leading spirits – RB survivors



My name is Stefan and I was born in 1979. When I was 9 months old, I was diagnosed with a unilateral retinoblastoma, so my left eye had to be removed. That was “discovered” by my parents – they had seen the white pupil on…

Elena – but call me Elli


My name is Elena and I was born in 1994. When I was six at a regular doctor’s visit, I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma in my right eye. Shortly after, my eye had to be removed and chemotherapy as well as radiation therapy followed. Since…



My name is Laura and I was born in 1988. When I was 18 months old, I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, and my left eye had to be removed. I cannot remember the time before the diagnosis, so I basically grew up with only one…



I was born in 1995 and when I was 10 months old, I was diagnosed with a bilateral retinoblastoma. My right eye was removed, the left irradiated. In the beginning, I had a glass eye, but in the age of three I got an eye…

Familie Dindas


The story of family Dindas is similar to other families‘ stories. Today, many years after the diagnosis, Carlotta and her family are well off. The family wants to share their positive attitude towards life after many up’s and down’s and their very own story, but…



I am Rebecca. I was born in 1985. In the age of 20 months I was diagnosed with a bilateral retinoblastoma. The left eye had to be removed, since the tumor had grown too big already. Of course that came in as a huge shock…



Franzi’s retinoblastoma was diagnosed when she was one year old: “I lost my left eye due to the tumor. I have now lived 28 years with one eye and I get along with it very well. I can drive the car, do sports, visit the…



I don’t directly remember when the disease began. But at the time I was in first class and wore glasses. At some point I complained about seeing dots with my right eye. After a visit at my doctor’s I was assigned tot he Clinic in…



My name is Alena. I am 17 years old and I had a bilateral retinoblastoma in the age of 6 months. The left eye was removed and my right eye is handicapped. When I was seven, I had another tumor but I … . Both…



Martin Park is 34 years old, and was diagnosed with a bilateral retinoblastoma in the age of 1 year old. Too late, as it came out: He lost his eye sight. His mum, however, never wrapped him up in cotton wool; instead she always took…



Hans is 31 years old. He lost one eye in the age of 1,5 years due to a bilateral retinoblastoma. „My life motto: … What I wanted to become: First Biologist, then doctor What I am now: …, doctor, quite happy with my life My…



My name is Nele and I was born in 1992. I have had a glass eye on the left side since I am 3 months old. That’s when I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma and the sick eye had to be removed. So I’ve had the…



I am 49 years old. I was 2 years old, when my aunt discovered that there white mist on the right eye. My mum let me examine from my eye doctor. I was diagnosed with a retinoblastoma. I was operated quite fast and I’ve worn…



Thomas, he is 44 years old, was diagnosed with retinoblastoma when he was a child, lost his left eye. He says: “Always look ahead keep moving… because life is a pretty awesome gift!!!”

Buba und Julia


In the current issue of the magazine WIR of the German child cancer foundation tells Sabine Kuenzel about how children cope with the diagnose eye cancer – by the example of Buba Gataric, now 27 years los, diagnosed with a unilateral retinoblastoma and Julia Fischer,…

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